Staffed Sales Events

Staffed Sales Events

Staffed Sales Events by Integrity


Auto sales need the boost to improve the operations of car dealerships. Difficult economic conditions may cause consumers to think twice about their spending, especially on significant investments. In addition, the news that auto dealers receive daily may often indicate uncertainty. Despite the auto industry being in a constant flux, people still need reliable vehicles to get them through their day. Convincing customers to make purchases in an uncertain economic climate is the challenge for most dealers. To make matters worse, not only does the lack of sales for a long period of time lead to a surplus of inventory that cannot be liquidated, but the cost of doing business without considerable revenue will eventually take its toll on the economy.


A number of new ideas on connecting with consumers, however, from traditional media to digital channels, have resulted in strategies that keep up with the economic turmoil. Many of these ideas are good ones, but in a world where everyone is searching for the latest thing and in a market that is saturated with choices and competition, only some ideas may be effective. Smart and hip campaigns will often do the job, but the consistent outcomes are favored by auto dealers who have been considered successful for many years. Staffed sales events might seem old-fashioned, but they are tested and proven.

Staffed Sales Promotions with Integrity


As we at Integrity Auto believe, a partner in business is a partner in success. We receive calls from car dealerships every day, and they always want the same thing, a successful method for driving traffic to their showrooms and increasing potential sales. Whereas new media and the Internet are an important part of any marketing strategy of a dealership, it is the first-hand experience of customers that makes the final sale. Having a website is as essential today as having a telephone in the 80s, but for both methods, a test-drive is still necessary and influential to a customer’s decision.


Together, we’ll sell your GM, Chrysler, Toyota, or Honda today with staffed sales events. Integrity Auto will bring your customers to your door. Our tried-and-true sales techniques will always get the job done. Our success rates are seen in the countless dealerships that we have helped, and they have been very thankful for our effective staffed sales events. Integrity Auto can help you today with staffed sales events that will result in the success of your dealership.

Successful Sales Events


With Integrity, you can be sure of a successful event that will certainly boost your sales. Trust us to help you with any of the following:


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The Best Staffed Sales Events


Integrity Auto has a team of highly skilled and trained professionals working in a live call center to set thousands of appointments in one day. As a client, you can choose your own level of involvement in your sales event, whether you wish to be involved in the design of your own customized art work or be involved in the market analytics of picking your filtered zip codes. A knowledgeable Project Manager will be assigned to you so that every aspect of your pre-event preparation is taken care of until the sales team arrives at your dealership for set up the day prior to your sales event. This is how efficient we work, so we invite you to work with us today.


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