How to Make Your Next Staffed Event Successful

How to Make Your Next Staffed Event Successful?


How to Make Your Next Staffed Event Successful? Tips & Strategy from Integrity Automotive Promotions


If you’re a car dealership looking to increase sales this quarter, a great place to start is a staffed sales event from Integrity Automotive Promotions! Our campaigns are led by highly trained professionals with years of experience in the car industry. We are sales closers for your bottom line. Have more leads & walk-ins than your dealership has ever seen in the past!


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You want your dealership to be successful year after year. You want to reward your employees for working hard each year with large bonuses and to raise moral by creating a truly fun place to work and earn money! We will come alongside you and your dealership to create a promotion that drives people that WANT to buy new cars to your dealership over everyone else!


Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Lean on the expertise of Integrity Auto and our filterized zip code customization software program! For years, our target direct mail pieces have doubled that national average of response rates, bringing in more people who are in the market for a new car! We do not rely on templates, but instead custom create each piece of collateral for you and your specific needs. Stop working with other automotive marketing companies that churn out the same outdated templates over and over, start working with a company that wants to see your dealership succeed year after year as much as you do!


Staffed Sales Events

While a typical staffed sales event organized through Integrity Automotive Promotions, we can bring as much as 800 - 1,600 new people through your showroom over a 5-day event. While this may seem overwhelming, our experienced and highly trained sales staff will come alongside your team to help filter through to the true opportunities, letting your team close a higher percentage of sales than you ever thought possible! Don’t settle for other staffed events that bring in the wrong people only looking for a prize, bring in people looking for a car that just needed a little nudge to take a look at your great inventory!


Sales Training

If you are already investing in creating a direct marketing campaign or staffed sales event, make sure your team is properly trained to close the sale! Our sales professionals will hold a pre-sale event at your dealership to help your sales staff be brought up-to-speed on the latest skills & quick-thinking needed to boost closing percentage!


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Mistakes to Avoid

We often have dealerships come to us after trying out another promotions company and realizing the mistakes that company made throughout the promotion. You may be frustrated by past experiences where a promotion company didn’t take your specific needs into account and sent poor-quality templates and an unexperienced sales staff to your dealership that drove away more potential customers than they kept. They may not have taken the time necessary to learn about your dealership and your specific goals with the promotion.


Hiring based on price alone is one of the most common mistakes that dealership make. In the automotive marketing industry, you often get what you pay for. Skimping on costs with your marketing company often means you aren’t getting the best minds in the industry to help your dealership grow. They may have good intentions, but not the skills needed to truly make an impact. Don’t settle when it comes to your business or employees, choose quality and choose Integrity.


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