Staffed Events with Integrity

Staffed Events With Integrity

Staffed events with Integrity


Some auto dealers are hesitant in holding a staffed event with Integrity. After all, they have no idea of our unique way of conducting business. Dealers are often worried about their reputation, how their sales staff would respond, and more importantly the outcome of the staffed event with Integrity. However, those who have worked with Integrity Automotive Promotions are still amazed at the incredible amount of traffic to their showroom. These clients have been so impressed with the results that they now hold regular staffed events with Integrity.


Holding staffed events with Integrity is easy. Car dealers work one on one with a knowledgeable project manager who will handle every aspect of the pre-event preparations. Afterward, the sales team will arrive at the dealership to set up the work of the creative department before the staffed event. Car dealers can even take a more minimal role in the preparations because we understand the importance of running the day-to-day operations of a dealership. All we need to do is provide dealers with a pre-event checklist of the things that we need before the event, to make sure that nothing is amiss.


Successful Promotional Events


Integrity Automotive Promotions is a staffed event advertising firm that requires the presence of managerial staff at all of our staffed events. This is how we value every event. Other staffed event companies may always run into the same issues: quality and ethics of the teams. However, Integrity Automotive Promotions impresses its clients with its smooth and structured process. We provide our clients with a market analysis that we can use to create their themes and structure their campaigns. Even if all of the advertising aspects must be approved by a corporate office for compliance, we are ready to take responsibility in making sure that the art complies with the requirements.


Our teams not only enter your dealership with the experience and the know-how to move units and generate gross profit for your dealership, but we also hold staff events that can provide your sales and management team with some of the best sales training that the car business has to offer. Staffed events with Integrity ensure that your customers gain a wonderful experience while shopping for cars. It is usually this wonderful experience that results in sales. Hold your staffed events today with Integrity.


Effective Staffed Events


Your dealership can be successful with the help of Integrity Auto. We can help you with any of the following:


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Reliable Staffed Events


Integrity Automotive Promotions has a team of highly skilled and trained professionals working to set thousands of appointments in one day. As a client, you can choose your own level of involvement in your sales event, whether you wish to be involved in the design of your own customized artwork or to be involved in the market analytics of picking your filtered zip codes. A knowledgeable project manager will be assigned to you so that every aspect of your pre-event preparation is taken care of until the sales team arrives at your dealership to setup your sales event. This is our efficiency when we work, so we invite you to work with us today.


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