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Staffed Events

Staffed Events by Integrity


Grab your target market and watch your leads and sales sky-rocket with intensified staffed events that will sell your cars like hotcakes. With this powerful marketing tool, no goal is unreachable for any car dealer. An opportunity that should be continually taken advantage of, staff events can easily show a remarkable increase in the stability of your business, in an instant! When you want to let your customers know what you have to offer, staffed events are the way to go.


For many years, car dealerships have continued to bring significant movement to the automobile industry with effective staffed events. A study from the Journal of Marketing shows that only more than a third of car buyers remain loyal after a sale. This loyalty may mean much to a car dealership in terms of aftersales service or a second purchase. Adopting the best practices in integrated marketing and service processes can yield the most rewarding kinds of customer loyalty.


Successful Events by The Staff


Whereas some may consider car ownership as a luxury, others may not find it easy to make a considerable investment on a necessity. People often visit showrooms to get the best car at the best deal possible. When they do, many factors affect their decision, and they form strategies around these factors. Similarly, your car dealership should adapt to the strategies that are formed by your customers. If they feel like buying a car more when they are with their peers, then a staffed event may be just what your dealership needs.


The reason why staffed events have been so successful is the fact that most customers are enticed by attractive campaigns that bring many people and activities together. They exude a positive vibe that is conducive to conversions. When customers are happy, they feel that they are making the right decision. And they are! That’s because you will be providing the best deals during your jam-packed staffed events. Allow Integrity Auto to show you how.


Staffed Events with Integrity


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Integrity Auto is an automotive advertising firm that operates nationally. We specialize in automotive staffed events, direct mail marketing campaigns, and in-store sales training for the staff. We aim to build solid, long-term, and successful relationships with our group of satisfied clients. Integrity Auto comprises some of the top talent in the automotive industry. We trust our management teams, sales teams, and creative art team to provide dealers with the best retail automotive experience. When it comes to staffed events, Integrity Auto is the best company for the job.


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