"The instant way to generate significant revenue to your statements bottom line."


Why choose IAP Direct Mail for a staffed sales event? One word: OVERWHELMING! Most dealerships are set up with sales staff that are only prepared to handle the normal flow of customers coming into your showroom, but are not equipped to handle the overwhelming number of opportunities coming into your showroom during a sales event. During an IAP Direct Mail staffed sales event, most people come to your dealership because of a customized creative marketing campaign, and not every opportunity coming through the door is in the market for a vehicle.


In the retail sales industry, a true sales professional looks for opportunities. IAP Direct Mail will present those opportunities in great numbers. Our typical staffed sales event averages between 800 and 1,600 opportunities coming through your showroom over a five-day event. With this type of traffic coming into your showroom over five days, hosting an IAP Direct Mail sales team at your dealership is the best and most profitable answer. Our team will not only turn those additional opportunities into extra car deals and extra gross profit to your statements bottom line, but our onsite sales team will also help to train your current sales staff, all while facilitating the enormous flow of traffic that will be generated. 


Our highly trained sales team blends right in with your team to create one huge and awesome SUPER-TEAM. Your team, our team, equals ONE-TEAM! Our typical staffed events will generate an additional $150,000 to $350,000 in gross profit over a five-day sales event. Do you need to add instant revenue to your statements bottom line?  If so, I think you've found your answer with an IAP Staffed Sales Event!


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