"The key to any successful sales operation is a group of highly trained sales professionals."


Properly trained salespeople are the key to any successful sales operation. When you spend your advertising dollars to host an IAP Direct Mail targeted direct mail campaign, those advertising dollars create opportunities and get those potential customers into your showroom. Why not maximize those advertising dollars and opportunities with a properly trained sales staff? Our sales trainers offer in-store pre-sales event training programs that not only teach your salespeople the basics from your typical meet and greet and road to the sale, but really teach them how to CLOSE DEALS LIKE A PRO, instead of the salesperson negotiating on the lot from a defensive position or allowing the customer to control the car buying process.


Our selling system uses techniques that are commonly used during our staffed sales events which will allow your salespeople to take control of the selling process, by applying techniques from our exclusive Integrity Selling Program, this real-time program will better enable your salespeople to handle what potential customers will throw at them every day. Our sales training program is complete reality-based automotive sales training for the whole team. Our sales trainers do not sit in a room and verbally train your staff, salespeople receive real time on the job training and get to see our sales trainers close deals in real time by applying these techniques either during a staffed sales event or while in your dealership under one of our customized training programs.


We think talk is cheap, the best sales training in our opinion is real time on the job sales training. Anyone can tell you how to sell more units, our sales trainers show you. We can customize an assortment of different training programs that are best suited for your specific needs based on our IAP Direct Mail sales training questionnaire. Do you need your sales staff to close more car deals and hold more gross? With a customized IAP Direct Mail sales training program, I think you've found your answer.


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