"The fastest way to create an instant stream of customers on to your showroom floor."


IAP Direct Mail specializes in pinpointing the right type of customers, through our state of the art Filterized Zip Code Customization Software Program, so your direct mail campaign creates an impressive response. Our targeted direct mail pieces have often doubled the national average in response ratio. We can filter to current owners, or apply credit score driven filters to your customized mail campaign. 


IAP Direct Mail can also blanket targeted specific areas with our industry-leading saturation pieces. We have numerous proven pieces for each campaign that have brought an enormous amount of traffic into our clients' showrooms. All of our targeted direct mail pieces are custom made for each specific client, based on the type and structure of your sales event, and their current market demographics. Need customers on to your showroom floor? Not a problem with an IAP Direct Mail campaign. Get ready to open the flood gates!


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