Lead Generation Ideas for Auto Dealers

Lead Generation Ideas for Auto Dealers


Lead Generation Ideas for Auto Dealers


Car dealerships have one goal - to sell cars. To do this, they must be able let their target customers know of their existence. As car dealerships are a kind of business that must entice customers to visit, as opposed to a retail outlet or a supermarket where constant traffic is an everyday thing, leads are an important part of the marketing and sales process. Leads do more that help a dealership be more profitable. They also allow proper communication to flow between sales people and a customer base. They establish connections not only with potential customers but also with other professionals in the field, which is very helpful in the auto industry. Knowing the strategies of the competition, for example, can allow a dealership to remain versatile enough to adjust to evolving market conditions.


Integrity Automotive Promotions can help your dealership generate much-needed leads that bring in good business. Part of our services is to train your existing sales team in the latest trends of creative advertising to generate instant leads. In fact, we constantly pour our efforts into building the most innovative marketing campaigns that bring results. Through effective channels and trained marketers, we can generate leads through a variety of methods, whether online or offline (traditional), to benefit your auto dealership. Real-time results can be seen when you allow us to help you with your campaign, as our data analysis shows that the success rates of our techniques are high enough for dealerships to achieve their goals for a certain time period.






As such, we share the following lead generation ideas to you to know how we help your dealership on the road to success.


Creating Useful Content Helps1. Create useful content on your website


Auto dealers, especially those who constantly use their websites to do business, can do more with technology that they think. Blogs are a powerful tool for communicating with potential customers, especially when they provide useful content that web visitors "bookmark" to visit later or interact with through comments, ratings, and other forms of interactions. Blogs also build trust with your potential customers, so it is good to assign a sales person as an in-house writer to write at least 2-3 useful posts per week - perhaps about the latest auto trends, car comparisons, and car buying tips.


You can also create videos that show simple car care tips or simple troubleshooting methods. Research has shown that most Internet users would engage a content more if their visual senses are triggered, i.e., creating and uploading useful and attractive videos or infographics. In this way, customers can feel that you are a reputable company to deal with, and they are more likely to consider you for their next car purchase. 


2. Partner with insurance groups and service centers


The auto industry encompasses a number of different specialties that together make the consumer's drive more pleasant and convenient. For example, people need insurance for every new or pre-owned car. Therefore, teaming up with some local agencies can work very well in your favor, especially when you create programs that benefit the customer. The same goes for servicing centers. Talking to local mechanics and collaborating with them to give special deals on car servicing for vehicles bought from your dealership can definitely improve business. In short, referrals from other businesses (which people already trust) are certainly among the best ways to obtain quality leads .


3. Participate in eventsCar Events for Leads


Taking part or sponsoring a part of a local event such as a car show can let people know about your dealership. Being at the event immediately gives your name, and thus your brand, recognition, elevating you from other dealerships that are also attempting to get noticed. In addition, being around those who have the same interest, that is, cars and automobiles, can improve the likelihood of sales, as you are able to market your vehicles and deals in a place where people interested in your niche are concentrated. If you have the funds to sponsor a local show, then do so, as this demonstrates that you are trustworthy and respectable in the industry.


Moreover, events that you participate in do not necessarily have anything to do with cars. As long as potential customers are present - sports events, industrial trade shows, town fairs, and others, you can be there!


4. Ensure mobile presence


People now use their mobile devices more for online shopping tasks than they do on a desktop environment. This is also true for car shopping. Therefore, your mobile capabilities must be updated. That is, people should be able to find your cars and deals through their phones and tablets. To do this, local search optimization and accessibility with smaller screens are essential things that must be ensured either by designing a responsive website or establishing a separate mobile website.


In addition, social media presence is also a key attribute to improving lead generation. Interacting with customers online is now a must, and traditional auto dealers who are still not adopting this practice are falling behind the mountain of leads that are available through this ubiquitous channel. Therefore, improving your social media accounts through quality setups and posts, in addition to being found everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others, can instantly generate leads. 


Let Integrity Automotive Promotions help you generate leads for your auto dealership. Our dedication to helping your business grow shows in the way our existing clients are now enjoying the fruits of our partnership.


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