How to Generate Car Sales Leads

How to Generate Car Sales Leads

Generating Car Sales Leads


All closed sales have one thing in common: they started as a quality lead. Car dealerships must always know how to look for good leads. These leads may have different interest levels, including people who are considering having a car upgrade, those who have serious interests in purchasing a new car, and those who are ready to buy a new one the moment they see the perfect vehicle. Also, generating leads always come at a cost. Therefore, dealerships must strike the right balance between lead generation and expenses so that they do not have to pay top dollar for sub-prime leads, which only lead to wasted resources. In doing so, quality leads can be given more focus than others so that car sales targets can be reached.


Cold calling, participation in car shows, and car dealership events may be traditional lead generation strategies for car dealerships, but combine them with new-media technologies and you can improve your lead generation techniques by a long shot. These technologies include email marketing, social media presence, trendy website development and other modern methods. Through these channels, car dealerships can access a wider market, who is probably using these new technologies to shop for everything. Today, for example, converting website visitors into sales leads is the ultimate goal of dealership websites, so strategizing the optimal configuration of the website to accomplish such a goal is of utmost importance.


Integrity Automotive Promotions presents an outline on how to effectively generate leads for auto dealers. Consult with us, and we can go in-depth into these steps to achieve the best results for your dealership.






Optimize Your Website


In the Internet age of today, the website has evolved into a medium that does more than just serve as a digital brochure of the company. Concepts such as user experience and engaging content must be used to optimize a website for lead generation. A popular way of doing so is by including an online inventory of the cars available in a dealership's showroom. Dynamic website design can allow a car, for example, to be viewed from different perspectives.


Furthermore, engaging content allows you to track each step of the lead generation process. You can begin with articles on the latest cars for specific needs and link those to your car specification pages where customers can compare and contrast between makes and models. Web site analytics tools are helpful in determining different metrics, such as what your visitors are most interested in, what car pages are not visited often, and other pieces of knowledge. Through these, you can make informed decisions on how to improve your strategies.



Use Big DataUsing Big Data for Lead Generation


In relation to the above-mentioned strategy is the use of Big Data to gather contextual information about their prospects. Your sales people can utilize "prospect intelligence" to come up with ways to appeal to these potential customers. For example, through different analytics tools and social media platforms, you can know what websites your prospective clients are visiting, what stores they frequent, and what cars they are after through their Internet behavior. Through these pieces of information, you can adopt strategies such as targeted ads or informative content related to the trends that you have discovered.



Take Advantage of Social Media


Still related to the use of digital marketing is the adoption of social media for lead generation. In this rich medium, sales leads are abundant. Therefore, capturing this resource can be a powerful lead generation strategy. Using lead ads on Facebook and Twitter, for example, are call-to-action elements in these social media giants, reaching a targeted scope owing to the display AIs adopted by these platforms.


Another aspect of social media marketing is activity. That is, engagement with potential customers in social media brings encouragement that a human behind the Facebook page is actually addressing their needs. Therefore, make timely posts, answer users' questions, and help people interacting with your page to the best of your abilities. These users can now have good reason to believe that you are a professional, responsive dealership that is worth the visit.


It is also interesting to note that Facebook also provides analytics metrics for you to know the specific users who are interacting with your content.

Furthermore, especially for car dealerships, Facebook’s Offer Redemption program allows you to create redemption ads so that your dealership can present its customers with coupons, deals, or freebies when they visit your store. In essence, you are enticing more consumers (or leads) to visit your actual showroom, which means increased engagement and sales.



Quality Lead Generation MethodsMore on Digital Sales Lead Generation


Partnering with Integrity Auto allows you to improve your lead generation strategies for your dealership. We offer training programs for your sales staff so that they can be knowledgeable about the best practices in the auto industry when it comes to lead generation and sales. The ad dollars you spend on Integrity Automotive Promotions are immediately reflected not only in the potential customers that enter your showroom but the improvement in sales figures that you prepare in a week or month. We are dedicated to helping you generate quality leads to improve your business.


Trust us today for lead generation with integrity. Get in touch with us to get started.


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