How much does a direct mail marketing campaign or a staffed sales event cost?

The cost of your customized and targeted direct mail campaign is based on a multitude of factors, such as the number of targeted pieces mailed, the type and size of your customized mail piece, along with your specific market analytics are some of the factors used to determined your overall cost. Once a Customized Market Analysis is completed, IAP Direct Mail will present you with a strategic marketing plan that is customized for your dealership which will acheive your store the maximum ROI, while keeping your advertising expense at a minimum. The staffed event cost is also determined with some of the same variables in mind, our staffed events are set up in conjuction with your direct mail campaign to help you obtain the maximum ROI during your event. Our staffed events allow you to keep 75% to 80% of the gross profit that is generated during your sales event, which will help your dealership maximize it's bottom line. Many of our events are set up as NO MONEY UPFRONT EVENTS, we at IAP Direct Mail are so confident of the results we will acheive your dealership that we do not ask for mail payment until after your event is under way. How is that for a GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS!

What is the process involved in setting up a staffed sales event?

At IAP Direct Mail, we make it easy. As our client, you choose your own level of involvement in your sales event, if you wish to be involved in the design of your customized art work or involved in the market analytics of picking your filtered zip codes you can. You will work one on one with your knowledgeable Project Manager who will handle every aspect of your pre-event preparations until the sales team arrives at your dealership for set up the day prior to your sales event.  We know your busy running the day to day operations of your dealership, so If you choose to take more of minimal role in your pre-event preparations we use our expertise to do it for you. We provide you with a pre-event checklist of the things that will need to be done at your dealership prior to your event starting, so that nothing is missed or forgotten and your event goes smoothly.  

What should be my expected return on investment?

Expected return? That's a variable answer you would think. At IAP Direct Mail we take all the variables out of the equation and replace them with guarantees. We guarantee a minimum of a Six to One return on your investement or we will reimburse a percentage of your direct mail cost. That means if you spend $25,000 on your direct mail advertising campaign and your event is hosted by our highly trained and experienced staffed event sales team, we will generate a minimum of six times what you've invested or we will reimburse up to 50% of your mail cost depending on the structure of your retention agreement. Although many of our targeted direct mail campaigns will generate ten times or greater of an ROI for our dealers verses their advertising expense, we feel it is important for our dealer clients to know that IAP Direct Mail has a vested interest in their overall success with our minimum advertising guarantee.     

How is an IAP Direct Mail staffed event team structured? What separates an IAP sales team from the competition?

Our event teams are far from ordinary. Our on site management teams, are not only the Best of the Best, but IAP Direct Mail hires only the most qualifed and talented car minds in the industry. Our onsite management staff consists of some of the automotive industries brightest and best former General Managers, General Sales Managers, Finance & Insurance Managers, and Sales Closers. We are one of the only direct mail marketing and staffed event advertising firms that requires a minimum of a four manager staff at all of our staffed events. Our management teams are constructed of a Team Leader, a qualified and highly trained F&I Director, a Floor Manager and a Sales Closer. Our event team salespeople not only are trained to blend in instantly with your dealership sales team but are composed of some the best and brightest car minds in the industry. Our teams not only enter your dealership with the experience and know how to move units and generate gross profit for your dealership, but we provide your sales and management staff with some of the best sales training the car business has to offer, all while providing your customers with an action packed fun filled experience. We care about your reputation as much as ours, all of our teams not only get ongoing compliance training but follow IAP Direct Mail Zero Tolerance Policy which requires our teams to follow our strict and no nonsense Integrity Code of Ethics while in your dealership. All of our teams work exclusively for IAP Direct Mail and sign a exclusivity agreement which allow us to hold our employees to the highest of standards when representing our dealer clients. No Traveling Gypsies Here!