What Makes a Good Staffed Event?


What Makes a Good Staffed Event?


A good dealer staffed event is one that offers a well-balanced mixed of marketing methods. Whether direct mail, print or broadcast media, or digital presence, different channels appeal to different consumers, and a good practice is to engage these customers through multiple channels so that you can drive quality traffic. A company that offers staffed events must have a wide variety of ad themes to get the message of your dealership across to a number of audiences. As staffed events are designed to create long-term relationships between your dealership and your customers, having successful events is crucial to the success of a dealership. A wide array of different themes and ideas helps keep clients in your market by making them visit your dealership often. Good staffed events not only create sales but also build relationships.


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So what makes a good staffed event? Integrity Auto outlines some of the characteristics of a good event so that you can determine whether your last event needed a much-needed boost by a professional company knowledgeable in the best practices in the industry.


A Good Staffed Event Puts the Vehicles at the Center


By focusing on the cars, clients can be more inclined to visit your event for its primary purpose - to sell cars. This means that as a dealership, you must create a marketing plan that centers around the best deals on your sedans, vans, trucks, and other models. A good representation of the vehicles can paint a good picture of what your inventory looks like, and your customers can have a good idea of what you have to offer. By holding a staffed event that features your vehicles, you showcase the strengths of your dealership and sell more cars effectively.


A Good Staffed Event Must Have Appropriate Car Pricing


A good representation of the financing options for a car tells your clients that you are an honest dealer. Show your customers ads that guarantee credit approvals or minimum trade-in values and they can just easily pass you off as a regular dealership who only wants to make a quick sale and is out of touch with reality. Event personnel who raise vehicle prices than lower them so that "a better deal" seems to have resulted are easily read by today's conscious consumers. A no-frills price tag is often more direct and appeals more to the regular buyer. Therefore, a good staffed event must have honest vehicle pricing.


A Good Staffed Event Offers Clear Agreements


In a sales event, informal or verbal sales or lease agreements are common. A good dealership should avoid ambiguity in its deals, providing customers with clear provisions that show trustworthiness. Misrepresenting the amount of and reasons for price reductions or the selling price of vehicles and advertising freebies and prizes without disclosing the need to pay shipping, handling or other fees are only some ways that create distrust among customers toward your dealership. 


Furthermore, customers of today know that if a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. Customers are no longer clueless of the sales process, proactively learning about the cars and the dealership before they make a move. Therefore, offering straightforward deals to your customers is the best way to go when holding a dealer staffed event. 


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