Three Tips for Your Next Dealer Staffed Event

Three Tips for Your Next Dealer Staffed Event


Three Tips for Your Next Dealer Staffed Event


Marketing is of the utmost importance in the auto sales industry. A car dealership that can market itself sufficiently can attract a number of customers to its showroom, which can lead to potential sales. As a direct application, dealer staffed sales events are held to bring different benefits to a dealership. For example, a successful event can improve traffic to a dealership and showcase the cars and deals that can be taken advantage of by customers. It can also generate more repeat business and establish a dealership's brand in a locality and in the industry. Also, staffed events allow your existing staff to learn from experts in the industry, providing valuable knowledge that can be used to improve sales and increase vehicle turnover.


Integrity Automotive Promotions offers dealer staffed sales events for car dealerships who want to improve their performance. With the best minds in both the automotive and marketing industries, we hold highly successful events that result in improved sales that can actually be seen instantly. We want to help you increase your dealership traffic, and so we have market-specific advertising plans that are implemented during our highly anticipated sales events. We focus on professionalism because we believe that this trait will bring your dealership to a higher level in terms of the way your staff treats and convinces clients to make a purchase and the way your dealership creates an impact in the auto industry. Thus, we bring you three tips on how to improve your next dealer staffed event.




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1. Think Big


Successful dealer sales events should be big. We mention this because many car dealerships may put up colorful bunting and balloons, bring out a plate of toast points and free-flowing coffee, and hangout a banner that says "SALES EVENT" and call it as such. In fact, every weekend, print and broadcast media are filled with pitches saying that this is the weekend to buy a car from a particular dealer sales event. However, consumers tend to ignore this message, as they feel that it may not be the right time to buy after all. A solution to this is to hold an event that is so big, a customer is convinced this is the time to buy. This can be accomplished by creating a real event, as opposed to having a "big sale" every weekend, which damages the credibility of a real event. 


Thinking big means going all out - music, catering, raffles, loot bags, featured guests (which is a very effective way of attracting people who might otherwise not visit your dealership), and the use of an omni-channel marketing approach that includes traditional posters, direct mail, digital advertising, and the ubiquitous social media. By thinking big, you can have an event that is worthy of being called as such.


2. Think Uniquely


A dealership in Wichita KS created "Hometown 'Idles'," modeled after a popular reality singing competition on TV to draw dealership audiences of up to 300 people. In another dealership, the sales staff helped a customer propose to his girlfriend (she'd told him he couldn't get a new truck until she got a ring) by setting up an area with balloons, roses, candles, cupcakes, and the customer's new truck, where he knelt in front of to propose. In yet another car dealership, the staff holds a beach party at the dealership every weekend of July, complete with palm trees, beach chairs, and truckloads of sand. The staff members wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts, and there’s music and a barbeque every weekend.


It is these unique ideas that bring unforgettable publicity to a dealership, which drives greater traffic to your showroom during a sales event. For you next staffed event, think of a never-seen-before theme that can attract customers such as a safari expedition where you feature your trucks or a "racing" event featuring your sports cars.


3. Hire a Top Sales Team


When considering the first two tips, you may not have enough manpower to create a big and unique event. Your existing team may be capable of handling a certain amount of daily traffic to your dealership, but with the grandness of remarkable event that you are planning, your car dealership may attract more people than you can handle. Therefore, an experienced sales team who can help your existing sales force can significantly help your event become a success. In addition, your sales staff can definitely learn from these sales professionals who specialize in big sales events.


Integrity Auto is a top sales team handling your dealer staffed sales events. Hire us to hold your next sales event and be assured of an average of 800 and 1600 opportunities coming through your showroom over a five day event. With this type of traffic coming into your showroom over five days, hosting an Integrity Automotive Promotions sales team at your dealership is the best and most profitable answer. Follow these tips and your dealership can surely see success.


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