Automotive Staffed Sales Events

Automotive Staffed Sales Events


Automotive Staffed Sales Events


Gone are the days when balloons and large inflated animals set up in front of a dealership can attract and convince car buyers to make a purchase. Today, modern automotive sales events can be more effective when they are inspired and well-planned. As a matter of fact, events can be held in line with a dealership’s marketing campaign for a number of different purposes. For example, dealerships hold sales events to drive traffic, set the foundation for future sales, encourage new business, generate more repeat business, brand the dealership, and increase visibility. Through great events, a dealership can instantly see results in addition to the long-term benefits such as recognition and trustworthiness.


Therefore, dealers trust IAP Direct Mail for automotive staffed sales events that bring results. If you are looking to maximize your gross profit, then we have in-store or off-site staffed sales events for your dealership. Our on-site sales and management teams joined by our in-house creative art team and our project managers work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your pre-event and sales campaigns deliver the targets that you are aiming for. With our focus on professionalism, dedication, and getting the job done right every time, your automotive dealership can see success in the immediate future. It is in your dealership's best interests to partner with IAP for effective staffed sales events.





Why Choose Our Staffed Events?IAP Staffed Sales Events


In a word, results. IAP take results very seriously, so we work hard to build and maintain client relations. That is to say, we help our clients not only stay afloat in the business but excel and succeed in the auto industry. For years, we have developed many client relationships with our group of dealers, and we invite you to share in our success. We consider our group to be a unit that works toward the accomplishment of our individual goals. Whether it is your aim to hit a target by the end of a quarter or to improve your relationship with your customers, we are there to support you in every step of the way. Through the carefully considered processes in our staffed events, your dealership can "see the light of day" or at least improve its performance.


For instance, we know that your dealership is probably equipped with a sales staff that is prepared to handle the normal flow of customers coming into your showroom. However, your people may not be ready to handle an overwhelming number of opportunities coming into your showroom during a sales event. Thus, IAP offers staffed sales events to help your existing sales staff in working toward making the sale. Through our customized creative marketing campaign, we do our best to ensure that every opportunity coming through your door is in the market for a vehicle and will be inclined to make a purchase from your dealership. We are proud to mention that our typical staffed sales event averages between 800 and 1,600 opportunities coming through your showroom over a five-day event. 


Results-driven Staffed Events with IAPResults-driven Staffed Sales Events


With the overwhelming traffic coming into your showroom through IAP's staffed sales events, it is no wonder that top dealerships choose us to help them with their sales campaigns. That is, the sales team at IAP is the best and most profitable answer for your dealership. Our team not only helps with your sales campaign but also guides and trains your team in the process. In this manner, we create a unified super-team that works toward the success of your dealership. IAP is your best choice to help you with your sales events, as we are trusted by the automotive industry because of our integrity that results in successful dealerships.


Trust IAP Direct Mail today for effective staffed sales events. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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