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Auto Dealer Direct Mail Marketing Campaign


Types of Marketing Mail for Auto Dealers


Looking to spice up your next mail marketing campaign? Have more qualified walk-in traffic than you ever thought possible by leveraging some of the marketing mail campaigns brought to you by Integrity Automotive. We have been helping car dealerships across the country increase their profits through targeted marketing campaigns & staffed dealership events for years. Our events bring back 98% of dealerships year after year, thanks to our ability to treat each client with integrity, creativity, and great communication.


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Give your staff the largest bonus in company history this year. Have a successful campaign that accurately reflects all of the hard work you’ve put into your dealership over the years. Work with Integrity Automotive Promotions to generate more qualified leads, have more walk-ins, and maximize your bottom line.


Customized Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Ideas


To get the creative juices flowing, check out our list of some campaigns we have had great success with in the past. Have another idea? Chat with a member of our team and we can help you put it into action!


Buyback & Trade-In Offers

Helping guide a customer to purchasing a new car is all about helping them get over personal walls throughout the process. One of the most daunting & insecure parts for them is often the process of selling their current car. Help ease their anxiety by sending a targeted mailer giving an introductory offer for certain makes & models of used cars you’d like to have to eventually have in your inventory. Letting them know up front they could have thousands of dollars for the car they already have without going through uncomfortable negotiations will help spring them into action and stop by your dealership for the car they really want!


New Model Release

Did you just roll in a new line of trucks for the upcoming year? Let the car enthusiasts in town know! Build your reputation in town for always having the latest makes & models to get more consistent walk-in traffic over the coming year. Show off the latest features to customers more likely to come and take it for a test drive, have a targeted campaign for your newest models!


Sales Event Calendar

Have summer sales or Christmas specials coming up? Let everyone in your town know! It may be just what your next customer needed to decide that get that special someone in their life a new car! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers in their gift-giving seasons, get in front of them with a sales event calendar this season!  



With Integrity Automotive Promotions, sorting your customer database by credit score is easy! Sending out pre-qualified offers to your best customers is a great way to have them come out. Knowing they are eligible for potentially tens of thousands of dollars may be what they need to check out that SUV they’ve always wanted.


Service Options & Specials

Let you clients know that you will take care of them long after they purchase a car from your dealership! Knowing that if anything needs repair with their car, they can bring it back to your dealership for warranty repairs or regular service maintenance takes away one of the most frustrating, inconvenient, and expensive facets of car ownership.


Positive Reinforcement

When purchasing anything, especially larger purchases like a new car, it is essential for any business to reaffirm they made the right choice. By sending out a follow up thank you letter, you will build loyalty and customer engagement over the years. Send your biggest fans positive encouragement to spread the story of their experience with your dealership around town to family & friends. You will begin to notice more traffic to your dealership as your positive reputation in town grows, don’t miss out on this important building block!



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